"I recently had the opportunity to participate in my first Healing Touch session with Geri Lynn Grossan. Geri Lynn has been helping me with diet, nutrition, and weight loss. Recently, I have regained some weight and plateaued in my losing efforts. In addition, for the past several months I had been in a serious funk that had left me feeling tired and slightly overwhelmed with just day to day tasks. I was "blah."
After explaining my situation to Geri Lynn she suggested that we try a Healing Touch session. I had heard of Healing Touch but just never participated. As Geri Lynn spoke the intentions for the session I knew that I was in a safe place-free from judgement. A place where I could feel/share the thoughts that were weighing me down.

The session was remarkable. I realized the power of my thoughts and the damage that negative self talk or suppressed emotions can cause to the mind and body. By the end of my session I felt lighter like an actual physical weight had been lifted off of me. I have much more energy. I am more productive. I am happy-I feel like myself.

In addition to knowledgeable and professional, Geri Lynn is thoughtful, intuitive, caring and honest. She really takes the time to get to know you as a person. You aren't just "a client."

I cannot thank you enough Geri Lynn!! I look forward to our next Healing Touch session!!!"

-Tracie A.
Las Vegas
"Geri Lynn's methods are superb and they work!!! This was affirmed with a couple of gentlemen I met on a cruise ship who were teaching weight loss and life changes. They were part of the Olympics in the past and were now teaching others how to make these life changes with balancing the right foods and exercise. Docs tell you...you need to lose weight but what they lack is giving you the roadmap to get there! Geri Lynn does that with you."

Geri Lynn’s rates are very reasonable and she really cares. She's one of my biggest influencers.

Thanks Geri Lynn!"

- Yvonne Greenberg
"I have been a friend and patient of Geri Lynn's for 20 years. As college students, Geri Lynn was not eating like the rest of us who were consistently downing Pop Tarts for breakfast, burritos for lunch and burgers for dinner. Instead, Geri Lynn was home preparing oatmeal, salads, fresh vegetables, tofu or chicken and brown rice. To this day, instead of taking the elevator, Geri Lynn finds the stairwell and creatively incorporates exercise into her daily routine. Geri Lynn's natural, creative and disciplined approach to good health has influenced me over the years to also be disciplined (although not nearly as consistent as Geri Lynn) about how I take care of my body. 20 years later, my blood work and weight are excellent for my age."

- Fay Mark
Retired Director, Corporate Marketing
Silicon Valley California
"I have worked with Geri Lynn for the past seven years, referring numerous patients to her for dietary consultation. She is one of the most knowledgeable registered dieticians that I have had the pleasure to know. She has impeccable educational credentials as well as intellectual skills and professional experience needed to keep up with rapid changes in the field of nutrition. Her clients sing her praises as well. Geri Lynn receives my highest recommendation."

- Thomas Roben, D.O.
9840 Cantebury Rose Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89134
"Geri Lynn has an obvious passion for her work. In our time together, she took a broad and consultative approach to ask me REAL LIFE questions about me – not just stuffing me into a box and moving on with it. Geri Lynn is a great listener who never made me feel rushed. She treated me with respect and she encouraged a collaborative effort between us to improve my health. I liked the customized supplement blend that I got a lot. Geri Lynn is a skilled practitioner & I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in increasing their overall health & wellbeing."

- Stephanie Prather
Mortgage Consultant
Summerlin Mortgage
"I have known Geri Lynn Grossan MEd, RD, CDE in a professional capacity for over 9 years. The quality of advice she gives is the result of the research work on the instruction and products she uses. To all she meets it is obvious she 'walks her talk' with her personal healthy life style and her dedication to eating right and exercising regularly. She is a continual resource for me and I have referred my clients to her for many years. Everyone I have sent to her has been pleased with her assistance."

- Terry Kunz
"During our fit for life program Geri Lynn taught me about food choices and food portions. It was amazing to see what you really should be eating, oppose to what you were eating. Once I made the adjustment, I started to see the difference and felt like I had a new lease on life itself."

- Olga Heffner
Participant, Fit for Life, Las Vegas Life Magazine
"When I first came in to see Geri Lynn, I was overweight and eating horribly. I'd recently turned 40 and knew I had to do something to straighten my life out or I was headed for serious health problems. After assessing my goal I wanted to lose at least 20-25 pounds Geri Lynn mapped out an eating plan for me that consisted of fruits, vegetables, fats such as nuts and low-fat salad dressing, carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, potatoes and brown rice, and proteins such as chicken breasts, fish and eggs. The key to eating well, Geri Lynn explained, is to break your meals into small ones during the day so you don't get hungry and overeat. After just one week on her plan, I had lost 10 pounds, but I didn't feel a loss of overall energy. On the contrary, I began to feel much better than I had in years.

It has been almost six months on Geri Lynn's meal plan, and I accomplished my weight loss goal. In fact, we had to add a bit more food onto my plan to maintain my current weight. I am feeling so much better about life in general, and I recently treated myself to a whole new wardrobe to show off my newly trimmed physique. There is sacrifice involved be prepared to completely cut out sugar, alcohol and soft drinks but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. I wish I had begun doing this years ago, and encourage anyone who is hesitant to at least give this a try. Even if you don't see immediate weight loss, just knowing you're treating your body well is worth the time."

- Ken Miller
Managing Editor, Las Vegas Life Magazine

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